ReLeash Black 9ft Pro

ReLeash Black 9ft Pro

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  • The most Eco-Friendly leash ever.
    ✖︎ Made with post consumer plastic bottles.
    ✖︎ Redesigned for maximum strength, performance and comfort.
    ✖︎ Durable lightweight German TPU cord for minimal tangle & drag.
    ✖︎ 1.75” Neoprene quick release ankle cuff for maximum comfort.

  • ✖︎ Re-Web waterproof coated webbing for durability & UV resistance.
    ✖︎ 360º flexible horn and base for extra comfort and reduced tangling.
    ✖︎ Molded super grip velcro and a reinforced laser engraved hypalon pull tab that won’t let you down.
    ✖︎ 1″ Detachable triple-wrap rail saver.
    ✖︎ Custom branded jacquard string + key pocket.
    ✖︎ Stainless steel double swivels