5'4 Black Fin - Bomb Proof Tech Carbon
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5'4 Black Fin - Bomb Proof Tech Carbon

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The Black Fin was built to be fun and forgiving while maintaining maximum performance.  The shallow tail gives you more float in mushy sections while still boasting performance oriented styles. The extra volume in the nose means you’ll catch more waves without losing maneuverability.  The Black fin features a slight single concave to a shallow double concave. The contours are subtle to the eye but noticeable under your feet.

The Black Fin name came from the blackfin tuna, often found off the coast of Florida. The Blackfin tuna has Finlets, specific only to tuna, which are highly specialized fins that contribute to their locomotion, high performance and the ability to dampen turbulence.  We feel this board matches the blackfin tuna’s innate ability to adapt to our conditions here in Florida.

Bomb Proof Tech (BPT) – We build boards that are Bomb Proof.  Nearly indestructible, reliable and still perform like you’ve never experienced.  Our carbon inlays are designed  to push the limits when you’re willing to. The carbon is laid under the glass offering good flex and insane durability.

  • 5’4″ x 19 5/8″ x 2 1/2 – 28.6L