BTS Collection - Hold/Pivot/Drive Longboard Fin - Black
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BTS Collection - Hold/Pivot/Drive Longboard Fin - Black

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This H.P.D. Longboard fin is a timeless design that’s been surfed for decades.  H.P.D. stands for hold, pivot and drive – the perfect design of an amazing longboard fin.

  • Perfectly balanced – promotes tight arc turns while maintaining hold and drive down the line
  • Full outline, Increased surface area
  • Cured tip allows for easy pivoting, quick turns and setting up for nose rides
  • Matte Solid Fiberglass allows for the perfect amount of flex – Hand Finished
  • Solid fiberglass has incredible flex characteristics and performance, while featuring the bonus of outstanding color vibrancy that allows for the variety of colors.
  • We suggest the 9.5″ fin for 9′ longboards and the 10″ fin for anything 9’6″ or greater.