Firewire 4 Piece Go Pad
Firewire 4 Piece Go Pad
Firewire 4 Piece Go Pad
Firewire 4 Piece Go Pad
Firewire 4 Piece Go Pad
Firewire 4 Piece Go Pad

Firewire 4 Piece Go Pad

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BLOOM is a high-performance flexible foam made from algae biomass harvested from freshwater sources throughout the world.

The BLOOM Foam Process

  • Helps improve the quality of waterways by removing excess algae that harms plants, animals, and people who rely on the ecosystem for survival.
  • Recirculates fresh water back into the habitat.
  • Aids CO2 capture and sequestration.
  • BLOOM literally is scraping pond scum, solar drying, and pulverizing it before foaming the material to create a pad that helps re-balance the natural ecology, and reduces dependence on non-renewable oil.
  • Through this patented algae-technology, Firewire and BLOOM have created a product with increased durability, improved shock absorption and reduced weight over conventional foams.
  • The packaging is made with post-consumer backing, soy-based inks and a biodegradable wrapping.
  • By choosing this traction, you are helping make the world a cleaner place.


  • Rob Machado’s Algae Traction for the Go Fish, the Seaside, and every other fast and wide fish you surf.
  • Designed by Rob to perfectly fit on the Seaside and Go Fish, either as a four piece flat pad with a tail kick, or a two-piece flat pad without a tail kick.
  • The pad fits perfectly without obstructing the leash plug on both boards, regardless of size.


  • 14” W x 14” H
  • 4 Piece pad
  • Diamond tread
  • 3M adhesive backing

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