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As a surfer, a woman and a photographer from Victoria, Australia, Cait Miers saw an opportunity to combine her three loves into one extraordinary book in the hope that women around the world will follow suit and chase their dreams. With a growing Instagram following of 118k (@caitmiersphotography), Cait uses her digital platform to inspire women using her dreamy imagery throughout her travels, and sees Her Wave as the perfect reflection of her very best work both in and out of the water. 

A follow on from her first coffee table book Washed Elegance in 2014 which proved to be very successful, Cait has spent the last three years collecting and curating images in the women's surf scene for Her Wave. 

The 100 page, A5,self published photography book features images and quotes of the worlds top female surfers (including Roxy riders Stephanie Gilmore, Mainei Kinimaka, Kelia Moniz and Lisa Andersen) as well as friends and ocean lovers Cait has photographed along her travels. 

Her Wave isn't just a book about surfing, it's a toast to being feminine, elegant, fierce and courageous. It's a celebration of strong, inspiring females doing their thing. It's the type of book you don't need many words to describe, and it's the type of book that any woman of today can relate too, whether they surf or not.

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