Hey There Sexy Shampoo
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Hey There Sexy Shampoo

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Under the Sun formulated Hey There Sexy Shampoo Treatment to infuse your hair with powerful botanical extracts and antioxidants. Revitalize and repair your hair’s luster while helping it withstand the effects of nature’s harshest elements: The sun, salt, heat, and humidity.

This sulfate-free wonder Shampoo Treatment works to keep your majestic mane of luscious locks replenished and moisturized. Your hair will be sure to have a beautiful healthy shine, even in nature’s most extreme conditions.

This element fighting guardian has a unique blend of moisture, protein, and antioxidants. Sporting an impressively low pH, Hey There Sexy helps improve your hair’s elasticity, color retention, and shine while battling breakage. Our Shampoo Treatment neutralizes traces of color and bleach after chemical processes for healthy hair and a happy scalp. There’s really nothing left for us to say but—you’re welcome?