NOA Chlorine Squash Tail OS Clear - 5'8 28.8L

NOA Chlorine Squash Tail OS Clear - 5'8 28.8L

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Created for the annual Stab High Waco air comps, this model is a variation on the standard Noa Model.

Never one to over-complicate things, Noa's original brief was brief...

"Maybe a 5’10” and a 5’11”, that will do."

We got to work tweaking his base model with a few things in mind; he'd need to gain speed quickly, then keep that momentum before being able to launch off the end section as high as possible into a stable landing.

We condensed Noa’s day to day 6’0” down to a 5’10” adding 1/4” of width, as well as pushing out the nose and tail area to keep the outline drivey when put on a rail.

A lower nose entry rocker allows for rapid speed on take-off, and has just enough tail rocker to give pop and release.

We pumped in some extra thickness at the chest area, keeping the deck fairly rolled to avoid a chunky rail.