Pescadito | Surfskate | Bamboo | 43" | HST200
Pescadito | Surfskate | Bamboo | 43" | HST200
Pescadito | Surfskate | Bamboo | 43" | HST200
Pescadito | Surfskate | Bamboo | 43" | HST200

Pescadito | Surfskate | Bamboo | 43" | HST200

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Hold on to your rails because this rad little wave-washed board will push you to the edge of your imagination.  

This old school swallow tail fish shortboard is compact and responsive. Pescadito (Esp.


Little Fish

) The pointed nose and swallow tail reminds you to respect the aggressive nature of this little “Bonita”. i. If you’re not quite ready for the full size Hamboard Fish, this Pescadito brings you the same vibe in a smaller and snappier package.  

Natural 3 ply bamboo (or 8 ply Baltic Birch depending on the model) is painstakingly laminated, decorated then topped with a durable UV Resistant Grip Coating that helps skaters stay securely rooted during heavy slides. Grab Rails and Wheel Wells are in jsut the right places. Barefoot friendly.  

But there’s something more that really makes this unique.


30 degrees of board lean and 50 degrees of kingpin angle allows the ultimate rail-to-rail flow and extreme carving angles.

Inside the HST carving trucks are a set of spherical wave cams that translate axel rotation into spring compression. These massive springs store the energy then give right it back to you. You don't need to lift the front to turn, just turn the board. Hamboards chocolate 66mm cast polyurethane wheels are buttery smooth and super grippy.