Original 8ml Roll-on Oil

Original 8ml Roll-on Oil

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A clean, subtle amber oil with a light musky base note. This unique oil smells differently on everyone and is considered a pheromone scent.


  • Scent notes: amber and musk
  • Your fragrance oil will come in an 8ml stainless steel roll-on ball applicator bottle. 

How To Use

  • Apply to your pulse points. These are the areas of your body that your heart beat continuously warms. These areas include your wrists, side of your neck, inside of your elbow, back of the knee and breast bone. 
  • Layer and keep moisturized. When using fragrance oil it is important to know that the oil will absorb into your skin and be less fragrant if it is applied to dry skin. Being well moisturized is very important when it comes to diffusing scent. It is even better to layer your scent with the same scented lotion to get more for your money and have a longer lasting affect.
  • Dab, do not rub. When you apply your oil dab it lightly on the skin. When you rub oils too hard you break down the molecules that make up the scent profile and you lessen the scent.